Online conversation instead of on-stage play 1.


The play “Addressless” / “Home-Adventure-Play” was on stage in October 2020 last time, in front of an audience then. Since that time adjusting to the current situation, we have made a 15-mins long film from the scenes of the play. With this short film and the discussion following it we continue our awareness raising practise – aiming mainly students.

After watching a movie together, we had the opportunity to talk about the issue of homelessness with a class of the Deák Ferenc High School, Szeged. The event was held on the 23rd April 2021 in the online presence of 26 students and their head teacher. The students could turn to a social worker, to one of our former-homeless colleagues and to me- as experts by experience – with their questions, and we could also ask them about their experiences.

Their field of interest was mainly the phenomenon of rough sleeping, and that is not a surprise for us, as according to the dominant opinion homeless people are most often identified with those living on the streets.

They were shocked, when we have mentioned surveys, proving that more people freeze to death in their own unheated flat, then on the streets. The NGOs helping role and the basic care programs have emerged as a topic, but we were also talking about the things they can do as an individual or even as a community.

Considering their age, not many of them has talked to homeless people yet, so they could get many new impressions from us on this session. It says a lot about their interest and curiosity, that during the 1,5 hours, we have spent together, the class, previously defined as “quiet” had many questions.

Gyula Balog

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