First Hand Information on Homelessness

A program of homeless people for an inclusive society

Our awareness raising program, created with the participation of homeless people, activists and social workers, is supported by the Shelter Foundation through the Roofless street aper.

As part of our social awareness program, we have been attending high schools, educational institutions, workshops, festivals and companies to give introductory lectures on homelessness since 2009. The project is led by homeless experts by experience, where social workers and housing activists also play a professional role.

We also cooperate with other awareness raising projects e.g.: Living Library and sensitizing theatre performances.

More information:

Program coordinator:

  • Gyula Balog:, tel.: +36-20-260-55-33

Deputy program coordinator:

  • Attila Takacs: +36-70-507-12-10

Program assistant:

  •  Reka Szenogradi:, +36-20-277-50-30

The person behind the idea

Gyula Balog

The person behind the idea of the school program is a homeless man, Gyula Balog, who, in addition to distributing the Roofless street paper, also gave his autobiographical short stories to his customers. A high school teacher also became his reader, and then asked to give introductory lectures in the school where she worked on homelessness and tell about his life and his struggle to leave homelessness. Gyula as the coordinator of the program works together with a social worker of Menhely Foundation who is responsible for tenders.