Our mission

Csatesz: Titok


„Fedél Nélkül” (“Roofless”) gives an opportunity for cumulatively disadvantaged people to take back control of their own lives. Our distributors buy the paper with their own money, take care of their income and improve their communication skills.

Our streetpaper is not for free. We believe that the goods acquired with work are more valuable than the ones received for free, and money is not the only benefit for our distributors.

The method is simple, for people with rough sleeping, or without a proper job, or who have lost their family, or are going through a difficult time financially we offer the opportunity to earn money by selling our biweekly published socio-cultural magazine. Our service is special, as we don’t have any clients: all of our customers are working, so they are our colleagues too. We work together in cooperation with our homeless distributors, content creators and community workers.


Our Publisher is the “Menhely Alapítvány” (“Shelter Foundation”), an independently run organisation. The Shelter Foundation was the first organisation in Hungary that established professional Care Centres to manage and help homeless people. They were also the first to create a magazine in conjunction with homeless people, Fedél Nélkül.

The Shelter Foundation’s activities cover aiding homeless people facing either short or long term homelessness. It also helps people facing homelessness in all forms: those living in institutions, in unsafe rental apartments or in work accommodation. Our publisher supports us with more then 20 years of experience, a huge set of tools and customized solutions. We believe in treating the homeless and those threatened by homelessness with dignity, to respect their independence and also to encourage them in their freedom to make their own responsible decisions.

“A home for everyone!”