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On the 26th April 2021 we again had the chance to talk about homelessness along with the 10th grade class (35 students plus a head teacher) of the Deák Ferenc High School, Szeged, after watching the short film “Addressless”. This time we stuck to the good old trio formation again: a social worker, Attila Takács (“EKH” /Firsthand about Homelessness member) and me- as experts by experience.

This time the discussion was not that much about the film, but we rather tried to bring them new information reflecting their experiences and make them rethink and tone stereotypes. Following the conception of “Firsthand about Homelessness” program, we also ask the students about the life habits of homeless people. By this method we are able to check their observing skills and monitor their experiences. Our first question is always about who has already been talking to a homeless person, and what they got to know about the persons they were talking with.

One of the classes collects sandwiches for instance, being delivered to people on the streets by the Szeged Bike Maffia. They have also heard about the use of the so-called “green boxes”, however, according to their opinion these boxes in Szeged are unfortunately also not only emptied by those in need. They did not know that much about the homeless care-taking services, but on the other hand they showed great ideas regarding system-level solutions. Approaching the end of the session they became so active, that we needed to extend the planned schedule with an extra 10 minutes, so we have spent almost 2 hours together. We also really liked their well-informed head teacher’s remarks regarding the possible ways of homeless people getting local help from local organisations.

Gyula Balog

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