4. Local action Budapest, online irregular class Engame Academy 29.01.2021.


29th of January 2021 we implemented the EKH awareness raising class for the Engame Academy’s students online. The lecturer and the students have joined us on Zoom.

We divided the students into two groups, so that the 6-8 people groups could listen to the life stories of our two experts by experience in turns. We have managed to make even the online class as interactive as possible: the moderator has asked the children about their personal experiences, thus they could feel involved in the topic at the very beginning.

Then we have been discussing the causes of homelessness, different public services, as well as the possible ways out, meanwhile they could also listen to a male and a female homeless person talking about their experiences and future plans.  Beside the online form, this session was special due to another reason as well, as it was the first time of our female expert by experience colleague featuring as a moderator, who’s being trained for this role for a while now. Though there is still a lot to improve, she was not afraid of the task, she could successfully gain the students’ attention, and she was definitely able to supervise and control the 1,5h long session.

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