Theatre play 7.: Pure Animal/Tiszta állat


Date: 27/01/2021

Place: streamed online on YouTube channel of Divadlo bez domova
Link to live stream:

Facebook event:

Numbers of participants: staff – 3, homeless and other(wise) disadvantaged actors and actresses – 8, unique viewers – 91

Pure Animal
stage reading
Very brief description: Stage reading from Uršuľa Kovalyk´s short stories book Pure Animal that reflects the internal conflicts of various women resulting from ageing in the big city. In the performance you will fly with a peculiar airline to the magical world of an old woman who decided to clean up her beautiful wooden library.

Reading is an important element of non-formal adult education. It develops vocabulary, activates the mind, trains concentration, stimulates imagination, and educates. Divadlo bez domova has published a short story book “Pure Animal” written by Uršuľa Kovalyk. Fifteen stories focus on various social themes, such as the devastation of nature in the city, old age, various forms of social exclusion, or increasing violence among people. The stories will guide you through the intimate world of ageing women, failing mothers or writers in menopause.
What does a pauper whose beloved park is stolen do? What does a pancake dog look like? What apartment does an outlander want to rent? Why does a pure animal howl? Wilderness is slumbering in each of us. It wakes up when we sleep at night. Not only this you can read in the book itself (available only in Slovak language).

“I hate literary presentations,” Erna is whispering into the rainy bus window. Literary events are her nightmare. Whenever she reads her texts in front of an audience, she has exactly the same feeling as when she is lying on the table at a gynecologist. She shivers, cold sweat sticks her clothes to her underarms. Red spots come to her face. She tries to cut away from the surroundings, to get a distance from the read text. She believed that over time she could gain at least a small dose of exhibitionism. But the inner processes that start to run inside of her after the first sentences read aloud are stronger than her.

Somewhere here our stage reading begins, and you can get to know and see two stories.

The actresses and actors of Divadlo bez domova are homeless people, people with physical disabilities, and other(wise) disadvantaged people.

Directed by: Uršuľa Kovalyk and Patrik Krebs
Movement cooperation by: Tomáš Kubiš
Music by: Oskar Rózsa
Scene and costume design by: Eva Matkuliaková
Performed by: actors and actresses of Divadlo bez domova

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