Theatre play 4. – SNY / DREAMS


Date: 28/10/2020

Place: streamed online on YouTube channel of Divadlo bez domova
Link to live stream:

Numbers of participants: staff – 3, homeless and other(wise) disadvantaged actors and actresses – 8, unique viewers – 91

Facebook event:


In the theatre play DREAMS, we bring on stage the theme of dreams and dreaming. Dreams are integral part of our lives. They allow us to process painful or confusing experience and events in an environment that is emotionally real, but does not physically exist. Homeless people also dream. Do we know their dreams? How do they perceive them? Which dreams can they remember even after many years? In this theatre play, actors and actresses reveal the secrets of their dreams and their personal, individual interpretations.
Divadlo bez domova is a community theatre, its actresses and actors are homeless people, people with physical disabilities, and other(wise) disadvantaged people.

Performed by: actors and actresses of Divadlo bez domova
Directed by: Uršuľa Kovalyk and Patrik Krebs
Movement cooperation by: Tomáš Kubiš
Music by: Oskar Rózsa
Scene design and production by: Oleg Šuk
Costume design and production by: Eva Matkuliaková
Video camera and technical support by: Jozef Bujna
Streaming and technical cooperation by: Adam Bujna, Patrik Matkuliak

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