TANDEM PROJECT – 16/9 2020


In this project, our street paper vendor picks a favourite customer /or otherwise, reader can pick up a favourite vendor/ and we provide a workshop, where:

-reader helps to sell magazines for vendor

-vendor is teaching reader how to sell, about his selling techniques and routines

-after that, they share their selling impressions

-from that debate, they will generate a key word or a hashtag, if you like

-then they will receive an automatic camera (olympus mju) with 36 photos

-leaving selling pitch and together walking the streets and taking pictures following their key word/hashtag/

-each of them have a 15 shots

-because it is an automatic camera, with limited pics on the film, They cant have a second shoot and also they cant see how the pictures look like

-Nový Prostor editorial team is following them, helping them and capturing the moments for a report

-after the film is all filled with pictures, we all meet for a coffee and sharing

-result is 4 pages, with 2 pages with report how they sell and how it feels like and 2 pages with pictures they captures following their hashtag

We are hoping this will bring a creative way to promote vendors and create a platform where our readers and vendors can meet on a completely new, very personal level.

Also – we hope this is a great sensiting action, magazine readers can easily imagine themselves in a vendor´s position.


DATE: 16/9 2020

WHO: NP Vendor Zuzana and reader Petra

 Vendor Zuzana i sone of the oldest Novy Prostor vendors, living in a cheap hostel. She is ex-convict, with a basic education and debts and without any expectancy of a solid income. Her regular customer and Novy Prostor reader, Petra, asked our redaction to join his project, she is regularly supporting Zuzana, buying magazine, chatting and sometimes helping her financially with her needs.

They both meeted on Strasnicka metro station in Prague, where Zuzana is selling Novy Prostor every day. Petra took a vendors selling vest and prepared a vendor ID (with picture) and starter to sell the magazine. In a half an hour, she sold just one magazine, sharing her remarks about how difficult selling the magazine is. After a short break and a discussion, both ladies agreed on a hashtag, what they want to capture and take pictures of – meaning of life.

Workshop itself took about 40 minutes, both ladies were chatting about life all the time, trying to see some projection of a „meaning of life“ into their photos. They´ve discuseed not just „meaning ofl ive“, but also traveling, alcohol, sex and death. Pretty heavy topics, while smiling and laughing all the time.

Report from their meeting and workshop was published in Novy Prostor nr565, out on 26/10/2020, with circulation sold 14000 copies.

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