2.nd local action Gdansk – 19/03/2021


Saint Brother Albert’s Aid Society Gdansk



On the 19th of march 2021, team of streetworkers from Saint Brother Albert`s Aid Society led 2 hours of classes, for second graders of 1st Autonomical High School in Gdańsk. Main theme of classes was sensitizing activities focused on subject of homelessness. Program of classes contained: introduction, explaining homelessness problem, explaining role of social welfare system, negative stereotypes of homeless people, explaining methods of work with the homeless people. Methods used by streetworkers were: lecture, disscusion, excersises, film watching, workshops and role playing. The main goal was to make young people more sensitive in the theme of homelessness. Because of the pandemic of Coronavirus and special regulations in education – classes were made online.

Number of participants: 12 teenagers + teacher

Lenght of classes: 2 x 45 minutes

Team of streetworkers: 2 people

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