685. szám Beszámoló

Sensitizing program at the Open-Air Museum in Szentendre 2020.09.28.


The program was made possible with the help of the Visegrád Fund, within the “No-one should sleep on the street – complex sensitizing campaigns on homelessness in V4 countries” project.

On the 29th of September we were invited to give a presentation at the Open-Air Museum in Szentendre. 18 local ethnographers were interested in our work. They requested our help in a workshop in getting to know homeless people, and to explore the possibility of a collaboration with them. Our interactive presentation was a way to sensitize the local workers. They had so many questions in general and after hearing some life stories, we were only able to present them two episodes of the situational exercise. In the following conversation they asked us for tips on ways to collaborate with homeless people on sensitizing their visitors, and in the homelessness-themed programs. They were very open to the idea of giving out free tickets for homeless people, which includes helping them with transportation. In addition, we agreed that in the future, homeless artists will have the opportunity to read their writings and exhibit their art works. However, the most interesting part was that they were willing to build a cabin in the museum, with the expertise of homeless people. In the Danish Open-Air Museum, there is a homeless tent already and a homeless tour guide. This presentation could be the beginning of a very serious collaboration.

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