About the project


The main objective of the project is to decrease prejudice and intolerance against people experiencing homelessness and housing poverty in the Visegrad countries through complex awareness-raising activities, in order to enhance social inclusion of homeless people.

A main principle of the project is implementation of the activities should involve homeless experts of experience in each country, so that other groups os society can gain direct and authentic experience about homelessness from homeless people themselves. Participation also empowers homeless people.

We primarily aim to target secondary school students and young adults with the activities. Specific goals of our project are the following: Through 4 partner meetings and site visits partner organization will get to know awareness-raising programs of each-other and similar organizations in the region. Partner organizations will perform altogether 8 theater plays, 9 sensitizing local actions in Visegrad countries in order to directly reach and sensitize diverse groups of society towards homelessness. The final event of the project will be held in Bratislava where homeless theater plays and other activities of partners will be presented to a wide audience.

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