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EQUAL-program in english
About 4Inclusion

What was 4Inclusion?

4Inclusion was all about sharing expertise, learning and good practice across Europe about how to support disadvantaged individuals to move (back) into the labour market. There is much we can all learn from other agencies, at a local, regional, national, European and indeed international level. We want to ensure that good practice and good ideas are not lost - and that they are promoted to other agencies in other cities and other countries as a way forward.

During the period July 2005 to April 2008, the transnational partners, working across four European cities, developed a range of projects within the Equal theme of "Employability: facilitating access and return to the labour market for disadvantaged people".

Where did 4Inclusion Operate?

The four Development Partnerships (DPs) involved in 4Inclusion were based in Budapest, London, Madrid and Paris

How did 4Inclusion operate?

The 4Inclusion partners explored their previous experiences of transnational working as the starting point for their own future work principles and plans. Four common themes and objectives of the transnational collaboration were agreed, based on the similarity of objectives across the partners. It is around those four themes that the transnational work programme was set up.

More reports, studies: here .



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